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Review of the development history of the mobile power industry

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1, the first phase 2001-2003 - budding period
In 2001, the ces exhibition beach pavilion placed a product with a few aa batteries and a control circuit. This is the prototype of mobile power. At that time, the product features: power management device: the microcontroller is not mature, the circuit design is not mature, the cycle life of the battery core is not enough, the battery core is large, and the technology of the manufacturing process of the battery core is not mature. These characteristics cause the mobile power source to be like a premature baby. In addition, some manufacturers are irresponsible only to make money for the purpose of production, sales (and now), the recent death of this promising product has continued until 2003.
Review of the development history of the mobile power industry
2. The second stage 2004-2006 - growth period
In view of the wide-ranging use of mobile power and the promising future market prospects, a dedicated R&D team has begun research and development on the core technology of mobile power, power management technology.
The characteristics of the industry during this period are mainly reflected in:
Many domestic large manufacturers have begun to enter the industry, such as: "Patriot", "Hainatong", "Super Brand", "Guangye", "Technology Exhibition" u extension, etc.; mobile power supply basically has a prototype; management circuit, chip, The battery is basically perfect; the basic concept of mobile power is formed; but the market is still tepid during this period.
3. The third stage 2006-2010 - development period
During this period, the industrial chain of mobile power was basically formed, mainly in:
A company specializing in the production of intelligent controllers was born; a company specializing in the production of power connectors; the polymer cell technology has made great breakthroughs; in general, from control technology to cell application technology, to mobile power ports and accessories, With the intervention of powerful suppliers, important links in the entire industrial chain have important R&D manufacturers, which makes the original quiet water boil and the industry has real vitality.
However, during this period, the mobile power industry still has its own limitations. People regard him as a distribution-digital charger, rather than a complete product.
4, the fourth phase of 2010 - the future - high-speed development of the popularization period
The application fields of digital products are becoming more and more wide, and people are increasingly carrying more and more electronic products. People, mobile phones, cameras, psp, mp3, mp4, gps, etc. are also increasingly aware of the importance of mobile power: one power supply can give Digital power supply can save a lot of resources.
In the 2014-2017 China Mobile Power Market Analysis Deep Research Report, it was mentioned that mobile power has finally entered the consumer's life circle in the form of a complete product. Form a product that people love.


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