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Selection of plastic materials for electronic connectors

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An electronic connector is an electrically active connecting component between components of an electronic product (a fixed connector is a connector or solder joint, and another active connecting component is a switch), which is widely used in electronic devices. For example, it is used for electrical connection between extensions, extensions and electro-acoustic equipment; for electrical connection between electronic tubes, xenon tubes and other electronic components; for electrical connection between antennas, high-frequency cables and instruments. The advantages of the electronic connector are that it can be inserted and removed easily, and can be replaced only by a simple plugging and unplugging process, instead of a fixed connection such as lap joint, welding, screw connection and rivet connection; and a centralized connection can be used, which can be connected at one time. Group of components. With the continuous updating of printed circuit boards and electronic components, the replacement of convenient electronic connectors is becoming more and more widely used, and the requirements are becoming higher and higher, and are developing in a longer, more compact, and more precise direction. For example, the inter-pitch spacing of the electronic connector is reduced from an average of 2.5 mm to 0.8 mm, the thickness is less than 1.3 mm, and the flatness is 0.13 mm.
The structure of the electronic connector is divided into two parts: a contact member and an insulating member. The contact member includes two types of pins and sockets for electrical contact. The material used is a good conductor of copper and its alloy, and the surface is silver plated or gold plated to improve corrosion resistance and rust resistance. The function of the insulating member is to fix the contact member and maintain the insulation state, and the material used is a heat-resistant plastic.


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