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Talking about the reality of mobile power from the standard of mobile power industry

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There has been a call for mobile power to set industry standards, but there is almost no real one. For a new industry, there is every reason to vigorously promote it. Mobile power network (www.yddyw.com) has also rushed. There is more support for opposition, so I have to put it aside for the time being. Now, whether the mobile power industry standard needs to be formulated, this article will be from the "mobile power prospects", "mobile power development history", "mobile power industry standards are currently unable to "Three factors formed" and "the attitude of the mobile power industry" "What is the opportunity for mobile power to be on the road?" Five aspects are discussed. Industry people are also welcome to join and share their views.
The prospect of mobile power
The prospect of mobile power is mainly reflected in the three aspects of the market:
1. Mobile phone market. This is the largest marketing place in the mobile power market, and we can see the clues from all major e-commerce platforms. We quote the words of the industry: how big is the mobile phone user, so how big is the mobile power market? At present, the number of users in China alone is close to 500 million. Nowadays, the development of smart phones is heading towards the direction of “big screen”, “multi-game application” and “non-removable battery”. Therefore, the mobile phone standard mobile power supply will become a trend. Then the market inside is a huge cake.
2. Tablet market.
The tablet market makes mobile power really a bit embarrassing. The previous flat panels all used 9V voltage, so it is a bit stretched for mobile power supplies with 3.7V lithium battery as the standard voltage. In other words, using the current mobile power to charge the previous tablet, it is a correction. The conversion efficiency is really too low. A good news for mobile power is that most of the new mobile power supplies now use 5V. Therefore, the tablet market will also be a huge market for mobile power. The users of Chinese tablet PCs do not have relevant data to understand. However, according to statistics from a US website, it is said that US tablet users account for 50% of the US population. % or so, and still growing.
3, notebook, ultra-polar market.
Notebooks generally use 12V voltage, the ultra-pole writer does not have much involvement, only to do a general understanding, they should be the same product, battery capacity is limited, this is also an inevitable trend. Superbook has a bigger advantage in portability, but it is also a bottleneck in battery capacity and battery life.
At present, Ultrabook has not shipped much in the market, but it has a future prospect. In addition, the mobile power network has learned some mobile power supplies specifically for notebooks from some aspects, and is actively exploring and developing products in this section.
Mobile power development history
The mobile power industry is divided into five segments.
From 2001 to 2003, at the product concept stage, mobile power first appeared at the CES exhibition in 2001. A student used a few AA batteries and then brought a control circuit to piece together. At that time, the cycle life of the battery core was not enough, the battery core was large, and the technology of the manufacturing process of the battery core was not mature. Especially, the technology of the small-sized battery core could not be discussed, and the mobile power source thus obtained was as A premature baby. Although well-known manufacturers such as Digital China, Zibo, Keshida, and Friends Innovation have vigorously promoted, there is no effective market in China.
From 2004 to 2006, at the market concept stage, Huaqi Heavyjin launched the mobile power source named “Power Cabin”. For a time, the mobile power supply seems to have signs of resurrection. The market has emerged from several companies such as “Patriot”, “Hainatong”, “Super Brand”, “Guangye”, “Technology Exhibition” and “IWALK”. After a year of development, the mobile power supply at this time has the prototype of mobile power in terms of technology: the management circuit, chip, and battery core are basically perfect. The basic framework of a mobile power supply is formed. The market has also begun to pick up, but the country still has not formed a scale. Many manufacturers have turned to foreign trade to survive.


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